In the middle of March, like so many other speakers across the country, all of my confirmed speaking engagements from March to May 2020 were canceled due to COVID-19. In the midst of complete shock and concern for everyone within our nation, I became inspired to create a set of virtual programs for campuses, universities, and organizations because I know this type of programming would be beneficial for everyone during these adverse times.

Thankfully, because I had recorded more than twelve plus keynote speeches over the past few years, not only have I created a set of virtual programs that include a pre-recorded transformational keynote presentation on various topics around leadership, diversity/inclusion, healthy relationships, and student success, but I have the ability to do live E-Keynote Presentation on any of my speaking topics that are provided below or on my two speaking websites at and

To help you learn the difference between a Pre-Recorded Transformational Keynote Presentation and E-Keynote Presentation, I have provided a chart below that will enable you to identify the differences between both of these virtual programming opportunities for your next event.

"The members who attended the virtual leadership keynote speech given by Dr. Joshua Fredenburg felt the presentation was relevant, inspiring, and very beneficial during these challenging times within our world!"

-Chris Yarbrough, Director of Programs & Operations

Pre-Recorded Transformational
Keynote Presentations

  • Virtual Registration Set-Up for the Entire Event
  • Pre-Event Video Sent Out 1-2 Weeks Before Event
  • Customized Workbook for Participants
  • Pre-Recorded Keynote Presentation (Available 30 Days)
  • Virtual Follow Up Call with Participants for Q&A Session
  • 10 Free Copies of Any of My Books for Participants

E-Keynote Presentations

  • Pre-Event Video Sent Out 1-2 Weeks Before Event
  • Customized Workbook for Participants
  • Live Virtual Presentation On Multiple Platforms
  • Virtual Follow Up Call with Participants for Q&A Session
  • 10 Free Copies of Any of My Books for Participants
  • One Page Written Assessment After Event is Complete

Pre-Recorded Transformational
Keynote Presentations

To help you make a decision on which Pre-Recorded Keynote Presentations would be best for your next event, my leadership team and I have developed a list of programs below that you can choose from for your next virtual event with students and professionals. These programs can be used for various events that
revolve around leadership, diversity/inclusion, healthy relationships, new student orientation, welcome week, student success, and professional development programs.

Winning in a Time of Crisis!

Four Resilient Strategies That Will Empower Anyone To Win As A Leader In Challenging Times!

In this incredibly inspirational and motivational session on resiliency, Dr. Joshua Fredenburg not only empowershis audience with fundamentals of resiliency and grit that will enable them to overcome any challenge or obstacle that is standing between them and their desired goals in life, but he provides his audience with real-life experiences with these fundamentals of resiliency and grit that have enabled him to attain personal, academic, career, and leadership success within his area of expertise.

Inclusive Leadership!

Five Ways to Lead & Serve Diverse Groups of
People More Effectively With An Inclusive Lens of Leadership

In this interactive and transformational keynote presentation, Dr. Fredenburg not only talks about the positive impact that diversity and inclusion has on productivity, performance,  organizational excellence, retention, leadership effectiveness, engagement, and student success, but he provides organizational leaders with a set of leadership practices that will enable them to serve, work, inspire, unify, and lead diverse groups of people more effectively with an inclusive lens as a leader.

Maximizing The Best Time of Your Life

Five Questions That Every College Student Should Ask
Themselves in Their Collegiate Journey!

In this power-packed program for incoming freshmen and transfer students, Dr. Fredenburg not only shares his amazing experience as a college student, but more importantly, he provides incoming freshmen and transfer students with five essential questions that every student must ask themselves in their collegiate journey if they desire to maximize their collegiate experience, attain college success, and position themselves for career leadership success after graduation.

Leadership Re-Defined In the 21st Century!

Four Basic and Foundational Truths of
Exceptional Leadership!

In this engaging, enlightening, and transformational presentation, Dr. Joshua Fredenburg not only re-defines what it means to be a leader in the 21st Century, but more importantly, he addresses the myths of leadership, instills confidence in those they may not see themselves as leaders, and provides emerging leaders with a foundational set of leadership characteristics that will enable future leaders to serve effectively as leaders within their organization.

From Good to Great!

Four Questions to Consider in a Time of Change
and Transition!

In this powerful leadership presentation on CHANGE,  Dr. Fredenburg not only talks about the importance of being able to lead and navigate in times of TRANSITION and CHANGE, but more importantly, he provides a set of practical questions that every person should consider if they are going to effectively navigate and lead better during times of CHANGE and TRANSITION.


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership!

Five Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
As A Leader

In this transformational program on Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Fredenburg not only helps people develop a greater understanding about emotional intelligence, but he teaches them how to increase their EQ through identifying their emotional triggers, developing strategies to regulate those negative emotional triggers, be more empathic, build more positive relationships with others, manage their relationships better, and effectively respond to the emotional responses of others within their organizations.

Discovering the Leader from Within!

Three Ways to Unlock the Greatness Within
To Transform The World As A Leader!

In this powerful leadership discovery session, Dr. Fredenburg not only talks about the importance of self-awareness as it relates to effective leadership, but he provides his audience with three questions that will enable them to unlock the leadership greatness from within to make a positive impact in their community, nation, or world as a leader!

Healthy Relationships!

Five Questions That Will Help Anyone Avoid
Unhealthy Relationships and Create Healthier Relationships

In this energetic, fun, and exciting program on healthy relationships, Dr. Fredenburg not only talks about the impact that relationships can have on our personal lives, but more importantly, he provides five questions that will enable people to avoid unhealthy relationships and create healthier relationship that are built to last a lifetime.

Professional Development Virtual Master Classes

Diversfying the Talent/Leadership Pipeline

How to Network On Linkedin, Find A Mentor, & Join An ERG

Career and Job Strategies for Professionals and Students

E-Keynote Presentations

To help you learn more about our E-Keynote Presentations, my leadership team and I have  developed a list of programs below that you can choose from for your next virtual event with  students and professionals.  These programs can be done on multiple platforms and they can be used for virtual keynotes, retreats, trainings, or any other type of event that you are planning to create for your students or professional staff.

Leadership Development

  • Leading in A Time of Crisis (Resilient Leadership)
  • Discovering the Leader from Within
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Virtual Leadership
  • #BOSS MOVES (Career Leadership Success)
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Leading in A Time of Change
  • Organizational Excellence

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • United as One! – (Diversity/Inclusion/Impact/Leadership)
  • Courageous Conversations
  • 3 Ways to Create an Inclusive Winning Culture for Everyone
  • #BOSSMOVES! – (The BluePrint for Career Leadership Success After Graduation)

New Student Orientation

  • Maximizing Your Collegiate Journey As A Virtual College Student!
  • 5 Keys to Maximizing the Best Time of Your Life in the Collegiate Journey!
  • From A Remedial English Class to a Doctoral Degree
  • Diversity 101! – The Foundational Basics of Diversity and Inclusion

Professional Development

  • Virtual Leadership Master Class
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • BOSSMOVES! – (The Professional BluePrint for Career Leadership Success)
  • Leading A Multi-Generational Team
  • RED Leadership (Retention, Engagement, and Developing Leaders)

To learn more about these programs in-depth, you can either visit Dr. Joshua Fredenburg’s speaking websites at / or contact our offices at

Upcoming Virtual Events

Hundreds of student leaders and young professionals from across the country will empowered, motivated, impacted, and inspired by top executives, speakers, and leadership experts at the Circle of Change Virtual Career Leadership Experience that is taking place November 20-22, 2020 and December 4-6, 2020 at the California State University, Fullerton. For more information on this life changing event virtual leadership experience, click Circle of Change website!


The Future Leaders Virtual Conference is a two-day virtual experience that provides new students, sophomore students, and transfer students that are planning to attend a community college, trade school, college, or university with a set of valuable tools that will help them succeed in college and beyond, maximize their collegiate experience, develop more resiliency, and successfully navigate through the challenges that will be presented because of COVID-19 as a virtual/hybrid college student.  To learn more click Future Leaders Conference.